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GT Air 2 Matt Black

GT Air 2 Matt Black

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Shoei GT-Air 2 Matt Black

The Shoei GT-Air 2, like all of Shoei's helmets, is built from the ground up taking the successes from previous helmets and fine-tuning other parts to make improvements. Similar to its predecessor the GT-Air 2 uses multiple layers of organic and multi-composite fibres built around an impact absorbing AIM shell, that offers incredible protection as well as abrasion resistance. With 3 options for shell size and varying cheek pad sizes to give you a customized and personal fit that is ideal and perfect for you.

Shoei has subtly tweaked and modified the design of the GT-Air 2 to streamline the helmet further and have also poured more effort into improving the aerodynamics vastly thanks to repeated testing at Shoei's own wind tunnel facility. The helmet features an integrated top spoiler as well as a fully new designed chin spoiler that reduces buffering and relieves pressure on your head and neck at higher speeds. The weight of the Shoei GT-Air 2 has not yet been released but if it is similar to its predecessor (The GT-Air weighed 1450 grams) it will be significantly lighter than most full-face motorcycle helmets on the market.

The ventilation system of the Shoei GT-Air 2 has been drastically redesigned and improved to allow more airflow through the helmet without increasing drag and wind noise. Inlets on the upper head and chin areas of the GT-Air 2 work alongside a new slight open visor position to allow for great airflow into the helmet and to fully circulate around cooling your head but all without misting the visor.

The helmet has been built with modern communication in mind and so utilizes a very low-profile space to fit a Sena SRL2 Communication device that allows for seamless integration for the comms kit without any awkward wires. It also features the newly designed QSV-2 Visor that offers an enlarged field of view, but it is also Pinlock ready.

The helmet is another revolution from Shoei, building on all the things they got right with the original GT-Air but putting a huge amount of effort into improving it even further. Shoei has brought their A-game to the modern full-face motorcycle helmet, the Shoei GT-Air 2 motorcycle helmet may just be the new benchmark for full-face helmets.


  • Shell made from multiple layers of organic and multi-composite fibres built around a shock absorbing AIM Shell in 3 different shell sizes
  • Multiple sized cheek pads for a customized and personalized fit
  • Redesigned aerodynamics to reduce buffering and wind noise
  • Integrated top spoiler and chin spoiler
  • Low profile designed space for the installation and simple integration of a Sena SRL2 Communication device
  • Brand new QSV-2 visor that features a larger field of vision and is Pinlock ready
  • Integrated internal sun visor