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Harley-Davidson Type B Fork Oil 16oz | Laguna Direct

Harley-Davidson® Type B Fork Oil 16oz

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Harley-Davidson Fork oil type B 62600025 Fork Oil 473ml

  • 473 ml (16 oz) bottle
  • Viscosity: easy
  • Please refer to the manual for the filling quantity and the correct type of oil for your bike.

The specific weight of Harley-Davidson fork oil is a closely guarded secret that even we, as a dealership and service centre, do not know. If you are not sure if this is the right fork oil for your Harley-Davidson, even after referring to your bike manual, please contact us, and we'll do our best to advise based on the bike model and use.

Please keep in mind when changing your fork oil that you don't want to mix different used oils together with new oil. Forks should be drained and cleaned of all previous oil before installing new oil, especially if the previous oil is not known.

For your information, Harley-Davidson Type B (0-10W) fork oil is lighter than Type E (5-20W). If you need a specific weight fork oil, and you want to stay with genuine Harley-Davidson fluids, then you can mix Type B and E oils for an “X” weight of your choice to tune your forks. All HD fork oils are petroleum based, non-synthetic oils.