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Suzuki ECSTAR MC 10W40 R7000 SS Engine Oil 1L

Suzuki ECSTAR MC 10W40 R7000 SS Engine Oil 1L

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Premium Engine Oil for Suzuki Motorcycles

  • Excellent shear resistance protects the engine under severe conditions
  • Smooth shifting performance
  • Improves the engine response
  • Direct feeling of the clutch engagement
  • Suitable for catalytic converters

What is ECSTAR?

In the 1980’s , Suzuki started the development of lubricants in pursuit of ultimate performance. The lubricant is named “ECSTAR” as it is our guiding“Star” towards an “Ecstatic” performance. As the expectation towards our products evolves, the same attention to performance is required for durability and environmental protection.

With the high technology cultivated through its long history and dedicated engineering, Suzuki has precisely re- formulated “ECSTAR” to satisfy and exceed these requirements.

In 2015, ECSTAR has been started as the global brand name of Suzuki Genuine Oil & Chemical

By enchancing and drawing out the best performance,“ECSTAR” will give you a Suzuki experience that others
could not.