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Yamalube Chain Cleaner & Lubricant Bundle Pack | Laguna Direct

Yamalube Chain Cleaner & Lubricant Bundle Pack

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This Yamalube motorcycle chain maintenance pack includes Yamalube Chain Cleaner Spray and Yamalube Chain Lubricant Spray in one easy to use bundle. The cleaner provides effortless cleaning of thrown chain grease, increases the chains' resistance to wear, contains special anti-corrosion additives and is totally non-corrosive. Once your chain is clean, apply the lubricant spray to help prolong the life of your chain.

Cleaner Features:

  • Increases the chains' resistance to wear
  • O/x/z ring compatible
  • Smoother chain running
  • Special anti-corrosion additives
  • Totally non-corrosive
  • Effortlessly removes thrown off chain grease from rim and swing arm

Lubricant Features:

  • Extreme adhesion
  • Longer application intervals
  • Significantly extended chain life
  • Practically impossible to throw off
  • Excellent penetration
  • Optimum lubricating properties from -30C to +110C
  • Effectively protects against rust
  • Highly resistant against washing off (driving through rain, cycle washes)
  • Protects 0/X/Z rings and keeps them supple
  • Significantly extends chain life and keeps O/Z/X rings supple
  • Contains PTFE and other additives for increased resistance to wear and rust
  • Highly resistant to throwing or washing off, even in extreme conditions
  • Suitable for fast-running drive chains under high stress, on or off-road
  • Optimum lubricating properties all the way from -30C to +110C