Chain Maintenance

Motorcycle chain maintenance is essential for the longevity and smooth operation of the chain and the bike's overall performance. Regular maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment.

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Cleaning the chain involves removing any built-up dirt and grime using a chain cleaner, a brush, and a clean cloth. Lubrication is the process of applying the lubricant to the chain after cleaning to reduce friction and protect against rust and wear. It's important to choose the right type of lubricant for your specific chain and riding conditions. The lubricant should be applied evenly to the inside of the chain while rotating the wheel slowly.

The chain should also be regularly checked for tension and adjusted if necessary. A slack chain can cause poor performance and even damage the bike's transmission. A chain tension tool can help ensure that the chain is at the correct tension level.

It's important to note that over-lubrication can attract dirt and debris to the chain, so it's essential to use the right amount of lubricant. It's also recommended to use a chain cover to protect against excess lubricant from getting on other parts of the bike.