Tail Tidies

A motorcycle tail tidy is an aftermarket accessory designed to replace the bulky, stock rear fender on a motorcycle. The purpose of a tail tidy is to clean up the rear end of the bike, giving it a more streamlined appearance while also reducing weight and improving overall performance.

A tail tidy generally consists of a smaller, more compact fender or licence plate bracket that attaches to the bike's subframe. This eliminates the need for the bulky OEM fender and allows for a more customized, minimalist look.

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Tail tidies can come in various materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre, or plastic. They can also include additional features such as integrated indicators, brake lights, or licence plate illumination.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, a tail tidy can also improve performance by reducing drag and wind resistance at high speeds. It can also increase ground clearance and provide easier access to the rear wheel for maintenance or repairs.

A motorcycle tail tidy is a popular choice among riders looking to customize their bike's appearance while also improving its performance and functionality.