Chains & Sprockets

The motorcycle chain and sprockets are critical components of a bike's drive system. The chain transfers power from the engine to the rear wheel, while the sprockets transmit that power to the chain. The chain and sprockets operate in a harsh environment and are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential to choose high-quality parts for your motorcycle's drive system.

Motorcycle chains come in different sizes and types. The size of the chain is determined by the pitch and the number of links. The pitch is the distance between the centres of adjacent pins, while the number of links is the total number of chain links. A worn-out chain can cause slippage, noise, and premature wear on the sprockets, which can result in a loss of power or even an accident.

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Sprockets come in various sizes and tooth counts, and the correct size and tooth count are critical to the motorcycle's performance. A worn-out sprocket can cause the chain to slip or break, which can be dangerous while riding. It is essential to replace both the chain and sprockets as a set to maintain the correct alignment and ensure maximum lifespan.

Regular maintenance of the chain and sprockets is crucial for their longevity. Lubricating the chain regularly helps to reduce wear and tear, while adjusting the tension on the chain helps maintain proper alignment. When purchasing replacement parts, it is recommended to choose high-quality components from reputable manufacturers to ensure a long-lasting and reliable drive system.