Motorex Oils, Lubricants & Cleaning Products

For over 100 years, Motorex have strived to make the highest quality of products and services. This top quality and experience make Motorex a reliable partner for medium-sized companies and industry as well as for professional and recreational athletes in bike and motorcycle sport. Motorex is a brand that has developed an extensive range of high performance motorcycle oils, lubricants and cleaning products for the motorsport sector; with products filtering down to club racers and motorcycles around the world. 

Motorex oils and lubricant have been developed alongside leading racers and race teams to ensure that engines and parts are supported by lubricants that are up to the challenge. Using the latest technologies, and more than 100 years of experience, Motorex produce engine and gear oil, brake fluids and a whole host of cleaning products that range from chain cleaners capable of removing tough dirt and grease, to helmet cleaners that remove flies and restore that showroom shine. Motorex even produce a range of motorcycle cleaning products for chrome and metallic parts to keep your bike looking just how you want it to.

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