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Made in Bergamo in Italy since 1972, Nolan helmets are among the most popular motorcycle helmets in the world, selling to all customers, regardless of age and abilities, and across all disciplines of motorcycle riding. In 1972, when Lander Nocchi, an entrepreneur in the motorbike and car accessories sector decided to produce motorcycle helmets that could be lighter and more affordable than those on the market at the time. He purchased an innovative plastic material from the United States called Lexan, which was light and versatile, and started producing polycarbonate helmets.

The current collection of Nolan's helmets are the brand's most technologically advanced to date, utilising the lightest yet strongest materials to create a stunning collection of beautifully made, beautifully designed motorcycle helmets. Nolan have fully established themselves and have solidified their place in the motorcycle helmet industry by being lightweight, strong, and versatile. 

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