Clutch and brake levers are critical components on a motorcycle as they allow the rider to control the speed and braking of the bike. These levers are usually made of aluminium, although there are other materials available such as carbon fibre or titanium. They come in a range of designs and styles to suit various motorcycle types and preferences.

Aftermarket clutch and brake levers are often preferred by motorcyclists as they provide more adjustability and customization than the stock levers. They allow the rider to adjust the distance between the lever and the handlebar grip to suit their hand size and riding style, which can improve comfort and control. Additionally, aftermarket levers may feature a quick-adjust mechanism that allows for easy and quick adjustments while riding.

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In terms of safety, high-quality aftermarket levers are designed to be strong and durable, reducing the risk of breakage or bending in the event of a crash. They also feature a fold-away design, which helps to prevent damage to the lever or other parts of the motorcycle in the event of a crash.

When choosing clutch and brake levers, it is important to select those that are specifically designed for your motorcycle make and model to ensure proper fit and function. It is also important to choose levers that are made from high-quality materials and have been thoroughly tested for safety and durability.