Rear Sets & Footpegs

Motorcycle rear sets and footpegs are essential components for riders looking to improve their bike's ergonomics and performance. Rear sets are designed to relocate the footpegs and controls from their stock position to a higher, more rearward position for a sportier riding position, improved ground clearance, and better weight distribution. The footpegs are often adjustable to allow riders to customize the position to their preferences, improving comfort and reducing fatigue during longer rides.

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In addition to enhancing ergonomics, rear sets and footpegs can also improve a motorcycle's performance by providing better feedback, control, and leverage when cornering and braking. They are also a popular choice for track riders who need the added adjustability to achieve the optimal body position for maximum performance.

When selecting rear sets and footpegs, riders should consider factors such as adjustability, material, weight, and compatibility with their motorcycle. Some rear sets and footpegs are made of lightweight materials such as aluminium or titanium to reduce weight and improve performance, while others are designed for specific motorcycle models and may require additional parts for installation.