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Granville Instant Gasket 40g | Laguna Direct

Granville Instant Gasket 40g

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Granville Bike Instant Gasket Granville Bike Instant Gasket replaces traditional pre- formed cork, felt, paper and rubber gaskets. The clear/neutral colouring makes it ideal for use on those exposed engine areas where appearance matters. The product forms a tough rubber seal, resistant to transmission fluids, water and anti-freeze.The product is capable of resisting temperatures from - 60?C to +250?C (intermittent). It remains flexible and is unaffected by vibration.NOTE: Not recommended for head gaskets and fuel systems.Quality RTV Silicone.Replaces pre-formed gaskets.Clear finish gives a virtually invisible joint.Resistant to high temperatures, water, transmission fluids and anti-freeze.40g Tube.