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Just1 J32 Moto X Green Youth Helmet | Laguna Direct

Just1 J32 Moto X Green Youth Helmet

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High-quality thermoplastic resin shell with multiple air vents and featuring the J.1.E.R. (Just 1 Emergency Room) cheek pad removal system. The J32 is also neck brace ready.

Inner linings are washable and can be removed and retention is via an extra- thick Double-D ring fastener.

High- grade metal vent screens.

Homologated ECE 22.05 and DOT.

  • Made in high-quality thermoplastic resin
  • Massive and multiple air vents system
  • Inner linings totally removable and washable
  • Extra thick Double-D ring fastener
  • J.1.E.R. emergency cheek pad removal system
  • Neck brace ready
  • High-grade metal vent screens
  • Homologations: ECE 22.05 / DOT