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Keis Battery 2k Pair & Charger

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The Keis Gloves battery set (pair), can be used as an optional means to power the Keis motorcycle heated G301, G601, and G701 gloves which feature a battery pocket within the glove cuffs. The G301, G601, and G701 gloves can be powered via a pair of Keis Glove Batteries, each with a 2000mAh capacity (total battery set charge capacity is an impressive 4000mAh). These high-tech Lithium Polymer batteries are much smaller and 30% lighter than the standard glove battery, and feature a plug that allows for the battery to be connected to each glove.

Once connected to the glove, one glove battery can be stored within the left glove battery storage pocket (built into the glove’s cuff), and another glove battery can go into the right glove battery pocket. This allows the wearer to use their Keis heated gloves while on and off a motorcycle, as the gloves do not need to be connected to the vehicle power loom (supplied with each pair of heated motorcycle gloves).

The Keis heated gloves batteries are available with a Multinational Charger, which can be plugged into a UK, EU and US wall power socket.

Width: 6cm x Height 4cm, each


  • 12V 2000mAh Keis Li-Ion Glove Battery set (pair) is suitable for the following models of Keis heated gloves: G301, G601, G701, and G801.
  • Not suitable for the G102 model Keis Heated Inner Glove Liners or the G701S 'Shorty' Gloves, as they do not feature battery pcokets.
  • Each battery has a 2000mAh capacity.
  • Super small and very lightweight.
  • Fits perfectly in the zipped pocket on the cuff of your G301, G601, G701, and G801 Keis heated motorcycle and leisure glove.
  • Supplied with the Multinational Battery Charger, which cam be plugged into a UK, EU, and US standard wall power socket.

Please Note: This battery is only recommended for the power of the above-listed models of Keis heated gloves only. Not for the power of other Keis garments. Always remove li- ion battery packs from garments when not in use.