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WD-40 Chain Cleaner 400ml

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WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner is a powerful aerosol that blasts away oil and grease deposits, as well as road dust and dirt, to leave you with a clean chain. For a complete clean, it’s also safe to use on the swingarm and drive-train components. The quick-drying WD-40 formula leaves no residue and works in minutes, perfect for the busy lifestyle.Regular use of Chain Cleaner will help to maintain performance and even prolong the life of your chain.Cleans oil, grease, dirt and grime from chains.Quick drying with no residue.Maintains the performance and life of chain mechanism.Suitable for use on O, X and Z chains, swing arms and drivetrains.400ml Spray.