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Yamaha Pro-Active Cleaning Gel 1L | Laguna Direct

Yamaha Pro-Active Cleaning Gel 1L

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Additives, liquids and chemicals from Yamalube are nothing other than original products developed by Yamaha and adapted for motorcyclists.

With this gel motorcycle cleaner, Yamaha pays extra attention to paint-friendly additives. The cleaning agent can then be sprayed onto the moistened and roughly pre- cleaned surfaces. By using a soft brush or a soft sponge, even stubborn dirt and oil will be dissolved. However, the paint remains fresh and the colour is refreshed. At the end simply rinse everything with plenty of water and polish again. Even if Yamaha pays attention to colour fastness, product should always be tested in an inconspicuous place, to check that the plastic is compatible with the cleaner.

Yamalube Pro-Active Cleaning Gel should not be sprayed on hot parts or on parts that are exposed to direct sunlight. The cleaner should also not be allowed to dry, as it may stain.