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Collection: Engine Ice

Engine ice Hi-Performance Coolant provides incredible heat transfer to maximise horsepower output in all powersport vehicles.

Unlike all our competitors, our professional technical, R&D and operations team controls the entire process from start to finish ensuring that you get the best technology, quality, and performance available in the industry.

It doesn't matter what you ride or where you ride it; Engine Ice's superior formula provides you the performance you need to get where you're going. Do you use your bike to commute to work, unwind from life, or challenge yourself on the race track? It doesn't matter; you can count on Engine Ice to make sure your bike has maximum horsepower because no one cools better.

When you need to trust your machine's performance, Engine Ice is there to give you the piece of mind that you need. 

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  • Engine Ice Hi-performance Coolant (1.89 L)
    Engine Ice Hi-performance Coolant (1.89 Ltr) | Laguna Direct
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