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Collection: Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets

Head protection made in Germany. Schuberth has represented this for more than 70 years now. Schuberth entered the helmet business in 1929, but it's wasn't until 1954 when they released their first ever motorcycle helmet. This is the birth of a success story that still continues to this day. Countless motorcycle helmets have been produced and sold since the foundation company, and countless people swear by the Schuberth brand.

As well as motorcycle helmets, Schuberth also engineer helmets for the police, fire service, military and even other areas of motorsport, including Formula 1. 

Schuberth are all about commitment to further protect whilst also delivering on comfort. This commitment is made apparent the fact that Schuberth are the only motorcycle helmet manufacturer in the world with their own acoustic and wind tunnels. 

With their base in Magdeburg, Schuberth helmets are incredibly proud to promote their "Made in Germany" message and as of now, export motorcycle helmets to over 50 different countries worldwide. 


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