Keis Heated Motorcycle Clothing Range

There are a variety of ways to stay warm whilst riding in the winter, however the most effective way in recent years has been heated clothing. Being able to have warmth at the touch of a button is an excellent feature to have on the go, especially for those blistering cold days when you really need it, this is where Keis come in.

Keis are the UK’s number one heated clothing brand, they manufacture and supply a multitude of heated motorcycle clothing, from jackets, gloves, trousers and even insoles. There are plenty of ways to connect your Keis heated clothing to your motorcycle, or even to other Keis heated motorcycle clothing.


There are a variety of ways to power your Keis heated motorcycle jacket, but the most efficient way is to directly connect it to the motorcycle’s battery via the included power supply lead. Each piece of clothing comes with a simple power supply lead, that has a positive and negative connection, allowing you to attach it directly to the battery. For more information on how to do this, refer to the video below:


You can also power the V501RP Premium Heated Vest with an optional battery pack if you so choose. For this you can either go for the 2600mAh battery, or the larger 5200mAh battery, which allows for incredible warmth whilst off the motorcycle. Take a look at the video below for more information on how to connect it properly:



The options for powering your Keis heated motorcycle gloves are incredibly similar to the options for powering your Jackets and Vests, you can either power them by directly running the power cable to your motorcycle’s battery, you can opt for one of the optional Keis battery packs instead, or you can power them with the specially designed glove batteries that will fit into the cuff pocket of each glove. For more information on how to connect the heated gloves to your motorcycle, watch this video below:



Keis heated trousers have a high current draw, meaning that it is recommended to either power them directly from the vehicle battery – either via the supplied vehicle battery power lead, or connect the trousers to a Keis upper body garment, which then connects to the vehicle via its power lead.

Accessories and Battery Packs:

Keis offer a wide range of accessories for their heated clothing range, both for functionality and practicality. For example, they offer a heat controller (Both Bluetooth and Non-Bluetooth versions) enabling you to control the temperature easier. Keis also offer a multitude of different optional connections, including extension leads, allowing you to create your perfect set-up. They also offer an optional battery pouch if you require the extra space. All of Keis battery packs can be viewed here. Watch the video below for more information on the Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth heat controllers:


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