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Drift action camera upgrade

Video Recording For All

Drift create pioneering cameras which are accessible to everyone - not just the adrenaline junkies - so anyone can share their skills for everyone to see. Whatever field you're in, from gaming to high speed motorcycle riding, you can capture it best with a Drift camera.
Bringing together sleek design and innovative technology, you are ready to take full HD video from any location with a Drift 4K Plus camera - and with video quality being so rich, the viewer will feel like they're actually experiencing the action first hand. Featuring a fantastic rotating lens, you can align your shot to any desired angle.

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- Fantastic battery life across the whole range -
- Loop recording mode -
- 300 degree rotating lens -
- 4K video -
- High-quality low-light performance -
- Built in WiFi -
- Replaceable lens cover -