The best action camera money can buy: Drift Camera

The best action camera money can buy: Drift Camera

by Laguna Motorcycles on June 23, 2022 Categories: News

Drift Cameras come out on top!

With thousands of action cameras on the market it can be quite easy to get lost in a minefield of what works well and what definitely does not. We've tried and tested numerous action camera products and are yet to find a camera that works as well as the Drift Innovation Camera range.

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Why Drift?

Starting off in Full HD on the base model, Drift cameras offer a high resolution image across a fast moving ride meaning you'll always see what you want in your footage. Say goodbye to blurry shaky video! Combine this top-of-the-range image sensor with even more modern technology, you'll get a rotating lens, long-life battery and smartphone application & connectivity too.

Drift cameras were built to be industry leading, and push the boundaries of what we already do with action cameras, without giving out unnecessary flashy gimmicks you really don't need. What's more, Drift cameras come out at a much more reasonable price point in comparison to other action camera providers like GoPro.


The Range

Ghost X - £129.99
The Ghost X offers fantastic modular design, with standard or long-life battery-compatible options. This camera features a 300 rotating lens allowing you to capture every angle you want. With unrivalled power, this incredible camera can capture up to 5 hours of recording time.
Drift Ghosts X Action camera
Ghost 4K+ - £250.00
The powerful Ghost 4k+ offers fantastic capture settings such as UHD at 30fps or Full HD at 120fps - more than enough for getting smooth buttery footage of your ride. This device comes with an external microphone, making it the ideal vlogger action camera.
Drift Ghost 4K+ Action Camera
Ghost XL - £149.99
Combining Drift's signature advance capture technology with even more practicality, the Ghost XL features a 9 hour recording time at 1080p. Not to mention its waterproof adaptor cables and a 300 rotating lens. The XL boasts high performance within low light and has a rear LCD display.
Drift Ghost XL Action Camera
Ghost XL Pro - £250.00
Supercharged battery life, IPX7 waterproofing, 4k video capability and broadcasting functionality. These are just some of the features included with the Ghost XL Pro. You'll also have connectivity compatibility with the wrist remote control, allowing you to record or pause directly from your wrist.
Drift Ghost XL Pro action camera




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